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Oil rig employment opportunities

If you would ask a question about the main way upstream oil sector is different from other industries, it's first of all the way oil rigs employ the workforce. As soon as a new oil production/exploration project is announced, recruiting agencies and the oil companies HR departments start looking for hands and heads. Therefore we may conclude the kind of job placement that oil drilling industry provides is project oriented, and very much depending on specifics of a given oil drilling location, equipment/installations used, and the technologies employed by this or that oil drilling contractor. Extremely high rate of turnover, especially in the offshore sector, continuously offer new opportunities for greenhand workers.

Being successful in getting employed on offshore oil rigs means starting to earn the salary unmatched to any other industry. The wages on the offshore platforms start somewhere around $US 250 - 300 for inexperienced laborers and around 600 dollars for the positions of professionals like Drillers or Assistant Drillers. As older generation of rig workers and employees retire, new hands and brains are needed constantly and process of hiring never stops. Recruiters look for the right fits to work in part on offshore oil rigs of Brazil, Kuwait, USA, India, Malaysia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Russia, Canada, UAE, Australia, Colombia, Venezuela.

Some of the oil field projects that deserve being considered for a possibility of getting oil rig job in a fast and efficient manner can be found in Brazil's offshore oil production/exploration industry. Did you know that almost every second oil rig worker in Brazil is foreigner?

Considering the situation with imminent older generation labor force retiring, many of the bigger oil drilling contractors invest in training programs and courses in order to increase the pool of the trade workers that could smoothly replace the aging workforce that leave different oil drilling and none drilling positions so that they wouldn't stay vacant for long time. If you don't have experience, you could choose and attend one of them.

Oil rig jobs in Mumbai: vacancies for Roustabouts

General laborers (Roustabouts and Maintenance Roustabouts) are required to work on short term and medium term contract on ONGC Mumbai oil platform. Successful candidate will receive 6 months contract and the monthly salary of RS 8,000. Must be of legal age, strong and capable for working long hours, shifts lasting 12 hrs plus often overtime; able to produce a passport valid for the duration of the entire contract and confirm the availability of STCW95, PCC, HUET. Any other credentials/certifications are advantage. Also mind that Roustabout job involves much repeated lifting.

Life on offshore platform, important knowledge

Having an idea about lifestyle on offshore platforms is important. It is advisable to learn as much as only possible by doing some of your own research on the Internet about accommodation, traineeships and apprenticeships, available positions, routine operations relevant to the position you want to apply - anything that is capable to increase greenhand job seeker oil employment prospects. Even without previous experience of working on offshore oil rigs. When an employer or recruiting agent sees your taking matters seriously they take a better attitude towards such candidate.

Writing good oil rig job CV

Writing good CV/resumé can be crucial for either getting a job placement or application being rejected. What many applicants overlook, is cover letter. The cover letter should include the summary of the CV itself. Ideal grammar and the absence of mistakes or misspellings is a must, otherwise your CV has a good chance of being rejected without a HR agent even caring to look inside. The model cover letter must be such one that urges the HR people look for more details for a specific oil rig worker. If you succeed and get short listed for an interview, then half of goal is achieved.

Oil rig catering jobs

There's quite a number of people employed aboard oil rigs that work in support roles such as catering crew members. Positions in offshore catering include camp boss, chefs, cooks, night bakers, stewards, galley hands, kitchen helpers, kitchen cleaners, waiters, dish washers, pot washers, and some others. Together with other auxiliary staff like medic or radio room operator, they don't participate either in the oil exploration or production. Their jobs are for the major part indoors, with much less risks and hazards involved than the positions that directly do with oil drilling process and hard manual labor.

Oil Rig electrical training courses

Short time introductory courses on electricity and electrical equipment can be recommended for oil rig personnel such as newly hired greenhand employees with no or little education in the domain of electricity. They also can be useful for maintenance workers such as roughnecks, roustabouts, motorman etc. changing from land based rigs to offshore platforms (semi submersibles, drillships or other offshore oil production facilities). Rig electrical introductory course allows you to start working as oil rig Assistant Electrician which is already an oil rig job that is more skilled than roustabout or roughneck.

Oil rig jobs in Canada

There are 4 main places in Canada, where oil and gas jobs are essentially available: Alberta, Northern British Columbia, Southern Saskatchewan, and offshore N&L. Besides creating many oilfield jobs, the oil sands of Alberta also attract the companies that operate in the related industries such as those that provide transportation and relocation of oil rigs, road building and maintenance, service or run oil drilling and/or well equipment, or provide truck repairs. Many of the jobs can be located in Calgary.

Offshore Nurse position on oil rigs

It is essential for any oil platform to have a professionals on board that will provide safety and health care. There are not a lot of workers on one oil rig (about 50-150) so oil company hires staff nurse on board. Because of the nurse is only the one medic on oil rig this professional incarnates an interdisciplinary work profile. Offshore working nurse is a person who responsible for health care of all workers on oil drilling rigs. Nurse is supposed to commit actions that will provide well-being of deck crew and all the personnel on oil rig. Through promotion, prevention, and rehabilitation activity, methods and techniques, offshore nurse must achieve a healthy condition of workers by planning, organizing and running tasks based on analysis of practices resulting from the interrelation among health, disease and working dangers.

Rig Medic Salary

Like it's with every other job in the oil industry, the medic's salary may vary depending on the job location (offshore/onshore), the company that hires, years of experience, additional responsibilities etc., etc. For the most part oil companies and drilling contractors are not always willing to open their figures and often class the salaries that are associated with promotion of specific person as insider info, but according to the information available from open sources rig medic's job can be compensated very well. Depending on the actual workload the salary for this specific offshore rig medic position is $70,000-100,000 per year, plus complete health benefits and a retirement plan.

Oil rigs hiring radio operators

Offshore radio operator job can also be an entry level position a successful candidate can get employed for by oil rigs without going through usual roustabout experience. Some of the current Radio Operator vacancies can be found on the North Sea Dutch sector List of offshore vacancies, maintained by the Association of Dutch Suppliers in the oil and gas industry. Meanwhile, practically every offshore oil production/exploration unit regardless of the type (drillship, jack up or stationary platform, drillship, semisubmersible) needs permanent presence of radio room operator aboard, therefore employment for this job is continuously available worldwide, wherever offshore oil rigs can be found. According to different sources the salary can range from $US 40,000 - 63,000 per year

Oil drilling companies start hiring again

It may sound surprising, but besides the traditional openings for specialist drillers, toolpushers, deckhands, mechanics, electricians, motormen, rope access technicians, welders, derrick technicians, roughnecks, roustabouts are growing in demand. Under such rush, the candidates, who care to invest the time and write/submit the best resumés showing the best working history record, often get hired to the best rig vacancies. Offshore jobs are available for the taking.

What workers on oil rigs are in the greatest demand?

Low end positions on offshore oil rigs requiring little or none of the previous experience on the drilling deck are: General manual laborer - Roustabout, Maintenance Roustabout, Greenhand, Floorhand, Deckhand, Leasehand, Roughneck. Entry Level jobs in catering include non-drilling vacancies like Dishwasher, Potwasher, Kitchen Cleaner, Steward, Laundry, Galley Hand.

Entry level rope access jobs on oil rigs in UK and Dubai

With oil industry development increased demand of workforce on oil rigs. Oil rigs involve wide range of professionals for entry level: utility hand, floorhand, painter, pipe fitter, scaffolder, mechanic, plumber, rigger and many others. Among all these positions there is a high paid position for rope access technician. Types of rope access jobs: Painters, Welders, NDT Technicians, Blasters, Electricians, Insulators, Plumbers, Welding Inspectors, General Maintenance Engineers, Pipe Fitters, Pipe Work Inspectors.

Job: Offshore Pumpman

Offshore Pumpman is the other position on the platform you may be advanced to from a position of an entry-level Roustabout. The other positions Offshore Pumpman normally progresses from are Floorhand, Roughneck, Deckhand. Pumpman is a part of drilling crew, and this is a position that reports directly to Mud Engineer. May earn the salary between $55,000 - $65,000 or higher, depending on the actual workload. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out more.

Entry level Roustabout vacancy in Norway

Employer: Altinex, Norway
Desired Position: Roustabout
Minimum age: 20 years old
Salary: $US 26,000
Certificates: BOSIET, medical certificate
Posted: 17.05.2013
Previous Experience: at least six months of previous Roustabout offshore experience.
Vacancy status: Closed. Look for new job openings on offshore oil rigs with us soon.