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Offshore oil rig jobs for beginners

There are many jobs available in the entry level to work on an oil rig. Oil platforms may be at sea or on land. If you want to get offshore job you must work on an oil rig on land, at least in the beginning in order to gain relevant experience to go offshore. Offshore jobs are a bit difficult opposite to land-based jobs, particularly due to the amount of travel involved and the time spent away from the shore. It also involves dealing with dangerous situations such as the threat of hurricanes, storms and fires on oil rigs. However, it is an exciting job where you get to learn a lot. The salary or remuneration for jobs on oil rigs are quite lucrative, because even the dishwasher get a handsome pay of $ 700 per week. One the reasons of such high payments are the conditions mentioned above.

Eligibility and Requirements to work in offshore oil drilling: First of all, in order to start offshore career you must have good health. It is essential to pass trough a medical examination that includes "column X" and "drug screening test. The minimum age of entry-level candidate for this job must be over 18 years old. The average age of workers employed on offshore oil rigs is around 27 years. In most cases there is no need in any formal education for entry level positions. A person who wants to get offshore job on an oil rig has to learn quickly, adapt to different situations and have the ability to work long hours. The work on oil rigs is very team oriented.

Beginner offshore oil rig jobs

Today, oil drilling sector is a hotbed of jobs as oil companies are increasing number of staff employed offshore. Here is some useful information about different types of jobs available in this field. Beginner in oil industry can apply for the following positions on land oil rigs.

Maintenance roustabout - the most reachable position for beginner

A maintenance roustabout is responsible of deck cleaning, general maintenance and painting. He can earn about $ 47,000 as annual salary.


The main job of a roustabout is to guide the cranes that move cargo over the deck. Provide the deck crew with the necessary equipment. Roustabout is also assigned to carry out cleaning, maintaining, lubricating equipment on the deck. Helping any crew member on the drill floor is also one of the jobs of a roustabout. The annual salary of this labourer is about $ 54,000.

Welding jobs

Welders are permanently based on a platform to take care of repair and construction of metal. A large number of welders are hired if the company gets a great project. Welders, often have to travel to different places after the completion of a particular contract. There are also so called "wet welders" that are performing high-qualified welding under water. They receive an annual salary of $ 62,000.

Radio Operators

Another job for beginner requiring no previous offshore experience, is radio operator. It's important and responsible job, however, considered a little less demanding and hectic. The person in charge of this work has to take care of the radio station and similar devices, could earn up to $ 62,000 per year.

Rope Access

Good choice for candidates with experience of working at high altitudes before (painting, constructing, welding, blasting, pipe fitting etc.). Average salary for rope access beginner is 60,000. Read more information about how to get hired as rope access tecnician in Dubai, Qatar and UK with no offshore experience.

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