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Oil rig jobs in Mumbai

Roustabouts needed in Mumbai

Mumbai headquartered recruiting company that that specializes in recruiting workers and employees for oil & gas industry is looking for entry level greenhand roustabouts and roustabouts with previous experience of working either on land based oil rigs or offshore platforms. To qualify for these oil rig job placements the applicants need at least a valid passport, HUET certification, and STCW-95. Employer needs several greenhand workers to be employed for roustabout positions on onshore oil drilling rig in Iran, specifically the vacancy is called rigger/roustabout, the salary is somewhere around RS 34,000 - 36,000. The working shedule is rotating, with 90 working days followed by 30 days off.

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The other vacancy on oil rig in Iran in 9 months long contract employment in the capacity of a roustabout with the salary of $US 400 per month, the job location is Kish Island, the recruiting agent is located in Mumbai, India. No service charge. If hired, the candidate will be given opportunity to learn rig welder or motorman trade.


General laborers are needed for ONGC oil platform. Successful candidate will receive 6 months contract and the monthly salary of RS 8,000. Must be of legal age, strong and capable for working long hours, shifts lasting 12 hrs plus often overtime; able to produce a passport valid for the duration of the entire contract and confirm the availability of STCW95, PCC, HUET. Any other credentials/certifications are advantage. Also mind that Roustabout job involves much repeated lifting.


Roustabout/rigger job in Abu Dhabi oil rig, in the UAE. Working on rotation schedule, i.e. 1 month offshore is followed by the same amount of time on leave, the salary is generous: RS 30,000, the contract length is 12 months, but can be prolonged. Pre=requisites: valid passport, CDC, HUET, travel expences covered by employer.


Roustabout, possible without previous experience on oil rig, but strong and healthy, is required to work on ONGC oil rig, will get free hands on training and get the salary of RS 12,000. Location of the job: Mumbai oilfields, rotation schedule: 3 months on work will alternate with 30 days off. The company that employs: Dolphin Offshore Enterprises India Ltd.

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More jobs expected from ONGC

NEW DELHI: Earlier this year India's government owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has hired for one year term the ultradeepwater GSF Explorer drillship from Transocean. The oil rig in question that was modernized back in the year 1998 currently is capable of drilling up to 30,000' wells in the sea depth of up to 7,800'. More drilling to be done in the Krishna Godavari basin means generating more oil & gas jobs in upstream sector, so watch out for the signs of new activities from the behalf of the recruiters in Mumbai.

How to seek oil rig job placement online safely

When looking for oil rig job in Mumbai, especially on offshore platforms, keep in mind the following: in this day and age of so many computer literate people and easy to obtain Internet connection that it also doesn't constitute a big problem to create a phony website offering false employment, especially on offshore oil drilling platforms. There's no wonder therefore that a job seeker may easily come across one of such websites and fall victim of a recruiter scam instead of getting entry-level job on offshore oil rigs that so many Indians are dreaming to get. It's sad reality that the Internet scammers have inundated the oil rig recruitment field, and many of them target the people living in India, and in Mumbai specifically. That's why it is important to be careful to make your search for oil rig employment safe. Stay always on alert.

Contemporary scam artists would normally initiate the contact you never asked them for by sending you e-mail asking you to release some information concerning your credit card or bank account, or just bluntly asking for money in exchange for the job placement they offer, or for facilitating the process of getting the visa that you would need to work overseas on offshore platforms, or whatever they are able to invent. They may ask you for a fee for being shortlisted as a selected candidate for interview with the recruiter acting on behalf of the company that offers oil rig job. That' how you identify recruitment scam.

3 tips to safe employment process on oil rigs

  1. Never release your banking information before you actually got employed
  2. Likewise, keep your personal information confidential
  3. Avoid oil rig job offers that are associated with the salaries that sound too good to be true, use your common sense

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